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On Prospect

Aerial view from the flight to Pitalito, Colombia.

Humming alongside our single origin offerings, Prospect is one of two blends consistently featured on the Parlor menu. Carrying the banner as Parlor's signature blend, the dynamism of Prospect is rooted in our team's commitment to evaluating and shifting components in a coffee that always delivers with its sweet and bright expression. Floral and spiced notes are interlaced with caramel, milk chocolate, stewed pear and stone fruit in its current iteration for plenty of good vibrations. 

Current components: 
50% Colombia Frontera de Acevedo
50% Ethiopia Kilenso Mokonisa

The image featured above—taken at the start of this month's sourcing trip to the Acevedo region of Colombia—also touches on ideas behind the blend's name. By definition, prospect means "to search or explore." It's a word that embodies anticipation, potential, and an open view - all integral to our approach to building our community as well as our business. 

Dillon and Maria Bercelia Finca Los Angeles Coffee cherries

The accompanying images reveal just a glimpse of the lush beauty of Colombia as well as the unexpected moments that deepen our love for this place every time. We've been proud to feature Frontera de Acevedo as 50% of our Prospect blend, contributing to a steady favorite on our cupping table. While this recipe will change in a few weeks' time, we can look forward to Frontera's return to Prospect next spring - in the meantime, enjoy this iteration while it lasts.  

Team Fairfield Drying beds Stephanie at Finca Los Angeles

Acevedo photos: Stephanie Dana