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Ethiopia Hambela Dimtu


Hambela Dimtu is a fresh Ethiopian from Guji and the first of our southern Ethiopians for the season. We're proud to be the sole roasters in North America roasting this specific lot from this washing station. It's also important to note that this lot is comprised of the work of many producers: approximately 6500 producers deliver cherry to Dimtu! Guji coffees can truly be some of the most ethereal, grown at soaring altitudes of 2,250 meters above sea level.

These farmers cultivate heirloom coffee plants in small garden plots. After harvesting their ripe cherry, deliveries are made to a central washing station, where meticulous processing takes place en masse. The result is sublime: during this week's cupping, our team had nothing but rave reviews for this new offering with its notes of dried mango, blood orange, cranberry, and sweet pineapple juice. We dare use the word tropical.

Region: Hambela Wamena
Producer: Smallholder farmers
Varieties: Heirloom landraces
Altitude: 1,800-2,250 masl