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Founder's Notes from Parlor HQ

Dillon Edwards + Ciro Lugo

Hello, Dear Readers — 

Thank you for tuning in. As we round out the second week of September, Brooklyn seems to be wrapped in a fog that is at once both cool and balmy - not unlike the climate of Acevedo, Colombia, where I'll be next week to visit old friends at origin. (Keep an eye on our social media stream for reportage from the field!)

With the hottest days of summer most certainly behind us here on the East Coast, I’m reminded of the seasonal shifts across our global network of coffee producers. For those of you who are new to the Parlor family or are still getting to know us: we constantly strive to feature each coffee we source at its peak freshness in an aim to connect you more directly to the producers. At this time of year, we’re already connecting with coffee growers at the highest altitudes in South America as they begin to hit peak production.

However, we would be remiss to not celebrate the bounty of harvests from mere months ago by our producing partners on the other side of the equator! Without a doubt, we’re savoring the current lineup of what I would venture to say are some of the very best available lots of the season from all of Oaxaca, Mexico. Everything is there flavor-wise in the exceptional duo that is Yosotatu Reserva and Miramar Reserva: from melon to milk chocolate to marmalade. Simply put, we're blown away by the quality and can’t wait to dig in deeper with these producers when we visit them again during harvest next spring. Based on how quickly these lots are flying, we get the feeling that you're savoring them, too.

In autumn, our flow of coffees from the Americas begins to hint at our menu’s seasonal shift toward the southern hemisphere. Our offerings from Africa tell a different story. We have yet to share the breadth of our selection of Ethiopians from the 2018 harvest. Don’t worry, we’re not holding out – these pearls are going to be appearing on your doorstep sooner than you think! Look for something special from the veritable legend of a region that is Yirgacheffe.

Friends, if you take nothing else from my rambling love letter, hear this: we’re truly grateful to have your business. Your dedicated, happy brewing supports our mission. As we continue our tireless pursuit, we are ever more committed to bringing the best of what’s out there home to our Brooklyn roastery while doing justice both to the growers and to you. 

Always know we’re stayin’ true. 

— D.

Featured Image: Dillon Edwards and Ciro Lugo (toasting to Ciro's award-winning lot of Colombia San Pedro), Acevedo, 2017. Photo credit: Rich Gilligan