Kenya Kiumu

As we round out the final weeks of this season's first featured Kenyan offering, we find ourselves wanting to share a bit of the story behind this truly remarkable coffee. If you have not yet tried our Kenya Kiumu, you must get your hands on a bag while it lasts. This coffee boasts a beautiful range of flavors: juicy stone fruit notes meld into succulent citrus and fresh blackberry in this sublime cup. And yet, we are aiming to push the boundaries of its quality farther in future seasons. Through our extended commitment to purchasing this coffee on a quality basis, we are sending a message of being in-it-for-the-long-run to it's truest steward, the farmer: John Njoroge. Kiumu landed stateside early this year thanks in part to the collaboration with our export partners in Kenya. Kiumu represents the next chapter in our mission to develop a quality-founded relationship coffee with a single estate producer in the region. Last year, this budding exploration brought us to Muranga County. During our travels we were fortunate to meet John Njoroge, who owns and personally manages Kiumu, a parcel of a 100 acre estate which he shares with his brothers. Parlor is in the nascent stage of an exclusive relationship with John: we purchased every one of John’s Kiumu lots this year because we believe in the potential of this coffee. We are excited for the evolution of this relationship coffee throughout this season and for seasons to come. We hope you enjoy this lot while it lasts! R0002727 R0002732 R0002735