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Partner Profile: Odd Fox Coffee

Odd Fox Coffee

Brooklyn, New York
Neighborhood: Greenpoint
984 Manhattan Ave

Odd Fox is one of those neighborhood coffee shops that brings all the best elements. With its welcoming and laid-back vibe, thoughtfully considered coffee program, and a huge Magnolia tree arching over the backyard tables, it's no wonder why many in Greenpoint consider this a home away from home.

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Adam Saucy moved to Brooklyn in the mid-aughts with years of coffee and teaching experience already under his belt. In a serendipitous turn of events a number of years later, he was looking to open a cafe when a location popped up in his own neighborhood on Manhattan Avenue. Building his space with community in mind, infusing the space with warmth and familiarity was key: "I want to have a place that people want to come to twice a day."

In choosing the name Odd Fox, he also wanted to embrace the animal's sly charm and playful spirit - perhaps best illustrated by the full LEGO-scale coffee shop on the cafe's bar (with its own Instagram feed of coffee shop tales). 

Adam Saucy + Parlor's Erin Sweeny (in LEGO)

Adam Saucy and Parlor's Erin Sweeny (in LEGO). Image credit: Adam Saucy 

Parlor has been proud to partner with Odd Fox since 2016, hosting cuppings and enjoying many a cortado from their cafe seats with a street view. We'd also recommend grabbing a slice of the pistachio cardamom bread - these days best enjoyed out back while lounging in the sun. You might even join the extended Odd Fox LEGO family, holding a coffee cup as big as your head. 

Open 7am-7pm Monday-Friday, 8am-8pm Saturday-Sunday
Closest subway: G Greenpoint Ave
Current brews: Prospect, Kenya Gaturiri, Colombia Frontera de Acevedo

More on Instagram: @odd_fox_coffee, @legocoffeeshop