Sustainable Retail Packaging


Since last month's release, we've been excited to hear your feedback and field questions about our new retail packaging. Its twofold development focused on an environmentally conscious, intuitive design while preserving our trademark motif. 

Environmentally Conscious. Our new retail boxes are recyclable. Save for the tin tie, the bag inside is compostable. The bag and its one-way valve are made from sugarcane-based polyethylene, a 100% renewable resource. We were won over by the manufacturer's process behind this innovative packaging: 

The methodology of harvesting sugarcane and processing it into ethanol for polyethylene production has a negative carbon footprint. Growing sugarcane removes 2.15 kg of CO2 from the air with each kilogram of ethanol produced. Often planted on degraded pasture land, sugarcane also helps recover the soil. Sugarcane bagasse, a waste product of the crushing process, is used for electricity cogeneration to supply the ethanol production unit, making the production process energy self-sufficient. 

Intuitive Design. Wraparound labels feature a brief story on the coffee inside each box. With color coded labels, visual cues also create a clear distinction between growing regions. Both features aim to highlight the producers we're working with.

We're still trying to find a use for that tin tie (maybe recycled into some DIY bling?). But we are, as always, striving to be better stewards of a good food system. We're proud of this step forward. Keep sending us your thoughts and tagging those images; we love to see these new boxes moving and shaking.

Photo credits: Alan Gastelum

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