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Meant To Be Eaten Interview

Inside the recording studio @ Roberta's

Recently, Dillon was in Bushwick for a studio interview for Meant To Be Eaten, hosted and produced by Coral Lee for Heritage Radio Network. HRN is an independent, member-supported, 501(c)(3) nonprofit radio station, broadcasting from two recycled shipping containers behind Roberta’s Pizza, a restaurant at the forefront of Brooklyn’s culinary renaissance. Meant to be Eaten looks at cross-cultural exchange in food and contemporary media, exploring who and what defines authenticity. 

Episode 18: The Price of Your Morning Coffee

Excerpt: Coffee is a complex subject within the greater culinary landscape. Parlor Coffee’s founder, Dillon Edwards, speaks on the cross-cultural journey coffee beans take when going from producer to roaster, what it means to stay “honest” as a sourcer, and when a café serves or indirectly hurts its local community.

Acevedo, Colombia