Brew It Forward

In the midst of our current public health crisis, we are inspired by the collective deeds of New York City’s medical professionals, healthcare workers and essential staff on the frontline of the pandemic’s epicenter. While they face an overwhelming challenge, they continue their resolute fight for our neighbors’ lives. 

With your help, the Parlor team will provide fresh coffee for as many New Yorkers on the frontline as possible. We hope to deliver fuel and comfort in the form of a damn fine cup of coffee for the tens of thousands of essential workers fighting for all of us in hospitals throughout our city.

Brew It Forward by purchasing individual cups of coffee or a freshly brewed 160-oz box which serves twenty. Our program begins in Parlor’s backyard at Woodhull Medical Center in Bed-Stuy and The Brooklyn Hospital Center in Fort Greene. 

Only the best for our best. 

You can Brew It Forward with as little as $3 for one cup of coffee. $60 buys a full box of brewed coffee which serves twenty.

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