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Kenya Ichamama
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Kenya Ichamama

Cherry, brown butter, blackcurrant

Founded in 1964, the Ichamama factory in Kenya’s Karuthi region draws in hundreds of smallholder farmers each year to deliver their fresh coffee cherry. The area’s rich, red volcanic soils and abundant freshwater sources ensure a saturated cup bursting with luxurious cherry and brown butter flavors.

Coffee Details

Karuthi, Nyeri
1800 Meters
SL28, SL34, Batian, Ruiru 11
Harvest Period
October - January


Kenya Ichamama

To the south of Mt. Kenya, along the foothills that roll well below its majestic peak, lie the regions where some of our favorite coffees in all of Kenya are grown and processed. These lands are fertile with vibrant volcanic red-clay soils, enriched by a network of freshwater streams. Nyeri county, where the Ichamama factory is stationed, is especially well known for producing coffees of outstanding quality.

coffee trees
Washing coffee

Kenya’s coffee washing stations (or “factories,” as they’re called in the local trade) are particularly thorough: a multi-phase fermentation process, lasting seventy-two hours on average, culminates in an extra-meticulous final freshwater wash to clean off any remaining coffee fruit from the polished seeds. While the growing conditions are ideal in Mt. Kenya’s foothills, propagating coffee varieties of a very high cup quality, we believe the processing is the secret to the legendary excellence of Kenyan coffee.

Sorting coffee cherry
Coffee cup illustration