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Anniversary Blend
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Anniversary Blend

Pineapple, shortbread, caramelized peach

We raise a cup to ten years of roasting with this elegant blend of Colombia Los Angeles and Kenya Kairima, a combination that dazzles with fresh pineapple and caramelized peach flavors. With this special release, we celebrate the relationships we’ve been proud to build so far, and the many we look forward to building in the future as we continue our pursuit of roasting excellence.

Coffee Details

Kenya + Colombia
Gatanga + Acevedo
1800 - 1850 Meters
Farm Names
Kairima + Los Angeles
Kamau Family + Bercelia Family
Farmgate Prices Paid
$4.56/pound + $3.08/pound
Pounds Bought in 2022
2,116 + 2,660
SL28, SL34, Colombia, Caturra


Anniversary Blend

Parlor espresso

Our founding ten years ago was marked by an insatiable appetite to learn – how to roast, how to search, how to instill, how to build. The dialogues that blossomed in the back room of that Brooklyn barbershop wove their way into the very fiber of our budding company. We worked hard to establish a principled, impact-driven business. We sought out partners who matched our enthusiasm, prioritizing long-term sourcing relationships built on a mutual pursuit of quality and trust. Down to our core, we accepted our responsibility as roasters to change the specialty coffee market for the better.

The blend of two relationship coffees that we present here celebrates ten years of bridging farmers and consumers through the most powerful mode of communication we know: our dedication to roasting excellence. We’re grateful that Parlor’s collaborative bond continues to flourish with the Bercelia and Kamau families, and we use our work with them as a model for new direct relationships.

The road to Finca Los Angeles
Cupping in Kenya

The specialty coffee market alone can’t yet address the challenges and triumphs of each farmer over each harvest, each year. We hope one day this will be possible, and we’ll work with partners who pursue this aim for as long as it takes. Until then, Parlor will continue to reward quality premiums irrespective of market rate, fueled by our dream and our hope of fostering sustainable, supportive local economies.

Sorting parchment with the Bercelia family

Thank you for celebrating a decade of Parlor Coffee with us! While you enjoy this coffee, we invite you to read a letter from Dillon reflecting on this momentous occasion for our team and our network of partners near and far.

Coffee cup illustration