Raspberry, Red Currant, Black Tea and Marzipan

Burundi Gaharo

Gaharo comprises 600 farming families, located in the hills above the Bukeye washing station. Bukeye is the first washing station constructed by Ben and Kristy Carlson, an American family who developed the Long Miles Coffee Project, a farmer focused initiative aimed at developing top quality coffees. For Long Miles, Gaharo farmers are neighbors and co-workers — many of them are dedicated washing station employees, and their families call Gaharo home. Gaharo means “we are full” in Kirundi, the language of Burundi. Our second year in a row buying from the Gaharo colline, this year’s iteration is a crystalline presentation of Burundi terroir. Fresh raspberries and marzipan on the nose make way for a saturated sweetness in the cup that is bolstered by a red currant-like acidity. The finish is long and clean and reminds us of a fine Keemun black tea.