Citrus, Black Currant and Maple Syrup

Burundi Ninga

The Ninga community is located almost four miles from the village of Bukeye where our Burundi lots were processed this harvest year. Bukeye is the first washing station constructed by Ben and Kristy Carlson, an American family who developed the Long Miles Coffee Project, a farmer focused initiative aimed at developing top quality coffees in rural Burundi. Far beyond the reach of electricity, the village of Ninga is nestled in the verdant rolling hills of the Kayanza province in northern Burundi. In Ninga, coffee is a life-sustaining crop; as such, coffee trees are planted from the doorsteps of houses to the edges of roads. Our second year in a row purchasing coffee from the Ninga colline, this harvest boasts vibrant citrus and black currant qualities over an expansive base of maple syrup-like sweetness.