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Burundi Ninga 8 ounce box
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Burundi Ninga

Fig, white currant, molasses

Since 2015, we’ve sourced coffee from the farmers of Ninga, a remote region in Burundi’s Muramvya province beyond the reach of electric power lines. This harvest presents a bouquet of black tea and fig on the nose, followed by flavors of white currant and molasses.

Coffee Details

Muramvya Province
1800-2000 meters
Washing Station
Total Farmers
Average Farm Size
300 square meters
Harvest Period


Burundi Ninga

Sorting coffee cherry

The tiny landlocked nation of Burundi has been producing coffee since the 1920s. Over the past century, this country has experienced near-constant political and social turbulence. After a brutal civil war less than two decades ago, its economy has remained highly fragile. As such, the livelihood of many of its citizens is directly connected to subsistence agriculture. Coffee and tea exports make up a vast majority of foreign exchange earnings.

Our export partner in this region, the Long Miles Coffee Project, was established in 2011 with a vision of engaging smallholder farmers (who represent 100 percent of coffee production in Burundi) in the craft of extraordinary coffee. The Project’s investment in infrastructure for production is paired with a simple, time-tested model: higher premiums paid to farmers for higher-quality selection.

Bukeye washing station

The first washing station Long Miles established in Burundi is Bukeye, where coffee from Ninga hill is collected and carefully processed. Having visited Bukeye ourselves a few years back, we sincerely believe the work Long Miles is doing in this region has a positive impact on the community—and outsized results in the cup. We’re grateful to share the story and character of this unique origin with you.

Coffee cup illustration