Star fruit, Panela, Hops and Strawberry

Colombia Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is our second offering of the year from the hamlet of La Marimba in the municipality of Acevedo. This lot, produced by Gustavo Ibañez on his farm Buenos Aires, strengthens our belief that Acevedo -- La Marimba particularly -- has the ability to produce some of the finest Colombian coffees we’ve ever sourced. In the past six months, the Parlor green buying team has made four trips to the small town of Acevedo in southern Huila, Colombia. Acevedo is wedged in the fork between the central and eastern cordilleras (mountain ranges) where the Colombian Andes meet. The microclimate adjacent to the jungle harbors cool nights and moist days, fostering slow cherry maturation: this confluence of factors, coupled with the staggering elevation at which this lot was produced, results in complex, fruited and sweet cups. Like his neighbor, Maria Bercelia of Finca Los Angeles, the coffee produced on Finca Buenos Aires is striking in it’s pronounced fruit characteristics. Señor Ibañez’ sincerity and craft is stamped on a singular and crystalline representation of Acevedo terroir. At just 350 pounds in total, our green buying team discovered this beautiful lot during a visit in early fall of 2016.