Blackberry, Baking Spices and Red Currant

Colombia El Carmen

Over the course of the past year Parlor has invested heavily in Acevedo, a municipality in the southeast corner of the department of Huila, Colombia. Several of our team members have visited the region multiple times since early summer of 2016. Deciding to invest in a new community - emotionally, mentally, financially - is an exciting and high-risk venture for a microroaster. The culmination of our collaborative efforts last year sprung forth an inaugural quality competition event: The Acevedo Cup. Jesucita Cuellar produced the top-placing lot by a unanimous margin with her coffee from El Carmen. This stunning lot presents flavors we have never before experienced in a South American coffee. Distinct blackberry frames a cup marked by saturated sweetness, unique baking spices and both black and red currant accents.

- Limited release - Roasting on Mondays only! -