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Colombia El Carmen
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Colombia El Carmen

Raspberry, semi-sweet chocolate, Muscat grape

Pacamara cherry was harvested by Jesucita Cuellar and processed by Daniel Erazo at nearby Finca Los Angeles, yielding a juicy cup with bright raspberry flavor that celebrates collaboration from seed to cup.

Coffee Details

1500 meters
Farm Name
Finca El Carmen
Jesucita Cuellar
Daniel Erazo Martínez
Harvest Period
October - November


Colombia El Carmen

Selected for Indy Coffee Club

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Parlor has been sourcing coffees from the municipality of Acevedo in southeast Huila since 2016. We were first attracted to the region by the dynamic and complex flavors being produced in the small community of La Marimba, but it’s the producers, and the lasting partnerships we’ve built with them, that have made this region so special to us.


Jesucita Cuellar was among the early producers we worked with in Acevedo, along with Maria Bercelia Martínez of Finca Los Angeles. The first coffee we tasted from Jesucita back in 2016—a Tabi variety that swept the board at a regional quality competition—still elicits excitement from our team thanks to its saturated sweetness and distinct blackberry flavor. Like other coffees we’ve since tasted from the region, it was evocative of some of the highest-quality Kenyan coffees we source.


This Pacamara microlot, harvested by Jesucita at Finca El Carmen, was purchased by Maria Bercelia’s son, Daniel Erazo Martínez, in his first solo endeavor as a coffee producer. We’ve eagerly watched Daniel’s growth: having worked alongside Maria while pursuing business classes geared towards specialty coffee production, he’s poised to quickly become a distinguished producer in his own right. While many producers have abandoned their farms in the past several decades due to difficult growing conditions and an unstable market, young producers like Daniel give us hope for the future of specialty coffee growing in the region.


This coffee is a true celebration of collaboration from seed to cup. Selected for Indy Coffee Club in celebration of its tenth anniversary, Colombia El Carmen represents Parlor’s commitment to building lasting partnerships with coffee producers and small business owners alike. We’re proud to have worked with the Indy team since their early days.

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