Cooked fruit, Panela with Lemon, Baking spices

Colombia El Placer

There are roughly a dozen broadly categorized coffee producing regions in Colombia. Each of these broad regions can be broken down into seemingly innumerable and yet distinct geopolitical units. Each of these small divisions can and often do possess unique cup profiles that are influenced by any number of factors ranging from micro-climate to plant genetics to cultural relationship to coffee production. Tolima, the department from which this lot emerged had, until recent years, been one of the last strongholds of FARC, the paramilitary group involved in the ongoing armed conflict with the Colombian government since 1964. Among countless other issues, the result of this has been the hampering of any major development in coffee. In recent years, however, we have seen truly great coffees coming from Tolima and we are absolutely thrilled by the potential, cup profile and quality of these coffees. This lot, produced by Jesus Antonio Saavedra on his farm Finca El Placer in the hamlet of San Francisco, in the municipality of San Antonio is one such lot. Coming on the heels of Astrid Medina’s Finca Buena Vista, we are honored to present lots from two excellent producers in Tolima. Both lots represent the highest attention to craft production. Both lots hail from the department of Tolima and yet the two lots present unique and quite distinct flavor profiles.