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Colombia Frontera de Acevedo
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Colombia Frontera de Acevedo

Toffee, Cocoa, Apple butter

Nestled in Colombia’s Andes, Acevedo is a tiny town surrounded by innumerable small coffee farms. With Parlor’s purchasing commitment, our export partner offers local producers premiums for high-quality harvests: blended together, they yield a toffee-toned cup livened by a candy apple finish.

Coffee Details

1400-1800 meters
Smallholder farmers
Colombia, Caturra
Coffee farmer walking along a path


Colombia Frontera de Acevedo

Acevedo is located at the convergence of Colombia’s central and eastern cordilleras, on the edge of a vast rainforest jungle that spans the Caquetá department. The Caquetá’s climate spreads a cooling blanket of cloud cover across the ridges of the eastern cordillera, lowering the region’s temperature at night. The swing between warm days and cooler nights, more typical of higher altitudes, creates the right climatic conditions for complex sugar maturation.

Street view
Washing coffee cherries

We began sourcing Acevedo coffees in 2016 in partnership with Alejandro Renjifo, an intrepid exporter with an idealistic sourcing philosophy. His purchasing model rewards smallholder farmers throughout Colombia who produce microlot-quality coffees, and we’ve worked with him to build a new facet of that model to provide meaningful commitment to those farmers.

Our blend incorporates coffees from those harvests that fall just under the strict threshold for microlot sales but are prepared with the same attention to craft: only-ripe picking, careful pulping and washing, and slow and meticulous drying. We see this as the highest ideal for a regional blend, representing an infinitesimally small region and sourced with care and consideration.

Farmers in the field picking coffee
Coffee cup illustration