rosewater, bergamot and piquant citric acidity

Ethiopia Nano Challa

Roughly 350 small holder farmers deliver their cherry to Nano Challa, found in Gera, Jimma Zone of south-central Ethiopia. Much of this coffee comes from gardens or semi-forested production: quite the opposite of heavily cultivated land. Rather, coffee springs forth naturally, sometimes on its own accord. Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee and Gera is very close to the exact genetic birthplace of the species of coffee we cultivate for consumption. Much of the coffee produced here is organic in the truest sense of the word (whether certified as such or not). We fell in love with this lot while cupping in Ethiopia in February of this year and are thrilled to add Nano Challa to our Early Winter line up. We find the bergamot and rose water qualities in the cup absolutely enticing and beautifully warming for a chilly evening.