Cooked Citrus, Caramel and Tropical Fruits

Honduras Los Primos

The village of El Cielito, home to Los Primos, is in close proximity to the jungle and thus exposed to frequent rainfall. Farmers adapt to the challenges in production - namely, the meticulous and proper drying of parchment in a wet climate - and their efforts are rewarded in the final product. The ability to produce fresh, clear, transparent and cleanly fruited coffees is a true art. Several producers in this region have mastered this art, and Manuel Vallecillo is among them. For the second consecutive year, the coffee from Los Primos stood out and above many other coffees as an impeccable expression of this region. This full-throated cup has a sweetness best characterized as pure sugarcane and a mouthwatering acidity reminiscent of cooked citrus fruits.