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Kenya Kairima
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Kenya Kairima

Whitecurrant, raw sugar, sweet orange

Kairima is the result of a multigenerational family collaboration led by entrepreneurs Edwin and Mary Kamau. We began working with the couple in 2019, when they were just starting to produce specialty coffee. The quality of Kairima’s harvests is a reflection of the Kamaus’ ambition: each cup is vibrant and fruit-forward, with notes of currant and sweet orange.

Coffee Details

1850 Meters
Farm Name
Total Farms
Kamau Family
SL28, SL34
Harvest Period


Kenya Kairima

Sorting green coffee beans

Edwin and Mary farm their land alongside plots worked by Edwin’s mother, Rahab, and his brother, Samuel; Kairima is a blend of lots from all three. Their shared washing station sits on Rahab’s plot, a short walk from the original family home. Though they’re relatively new to specialty farming practices, the Kamaus have been producing coffee since the 1950s.

basket of ripe coffee cherries
Farmer portrait

Since we started working together in 2019, we’ve cultivated a dialogue centered on quality. When we last visited in 2020, Edwin and Samuel joined us at our exporter’s lab, and Edwin took part in his first cupping. Naturally, a Kairima lot was the undisputed favorite on the table—an optimistic moment for us all. We’re proud to continue our deep and long-lasting relationship with the Kamaus, and we look forward to being able to cup with them again later this year.

Sorting green coffee beans

Kairima makes a triumphant return to our menu with this 2021 harvest, which has been stored in a climate-controlled facility to preserve its peak flavor. We were bowled over by this coffee’s vibrancy and sweetness when we first cupped it, and we hope you’ll find it as delicious as we still do.

Coffee plant and cherries

We’ve reprintedParchment​ Volume 002 in celebration of its release—enjoy them both in good company.

Coffee cup illustration