blackberry, citrus and wafer cookie

Kenya Kangocho

Our final Kenyan release of the 2015-2016 harvest season, Kangocho epitomizes the age old adage last, but not least. Roughly 600 smallholder farmers, each with approximately 750 coffee plants, contributed to this classic Kenyan lot which boasts flavors of blackberry, citrus and wafer cookie. Sourced during a trip to Nairobi in February of 2016, our green buying team simply could not pass on this stunning lot. Immediately upon landing stateside, our Kangocho was placed in deep-freeze storage to preserve the freshness and innate qualities produced by the complex interactions between plant genetics (Kenya has nearly exclusive claim to the famous SL varietals, varietals with deep root systems and unique cup qualities), climate, processing (Kenya's processing is unique, boasting a double fermentation and final overnight soak in clean water) and soil (the bright red, acidic loam soil in Kenya is a thing of true beauty and deeply influential on the cup quality).