Raspberry, Black Currant and Caramel

Kenya Miiri

The Miiri factory is located within the renowned Nyeri district in Kenya’s Central Province. Roughly 600 members belong to the factory, and on average each producer owns and manages 200 coffee trees. Each producer delivers ripe cherry to Miiri where it is depulped, washed and slowly dried on raised beds. We first fell in love with Miiri in January of 2016 during a sourcing trip to Kenya. At that time Parlor purchased a stunning lot through the Nairobi Coffee Exchange, an extremely efficient and transparent auction known for driving prices high and fairly distributing profits with Cooperatives and individual farmers. This year, thanks to our exporting partner on the ground in Kenya, we were able to purchase this lot directly from the Cooperative, circumventing the auction. In doing so, Parlor paid a higher price premium which benefited the farmers directly. And the result? We’ve secured the top quality lot that we are thrilled to offer once again.