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March 2021: A Letter from our Founder

As the first signs of spring emerge here in Brooklyn and we count down the remaining days of winter, we find ourselves both reticent and hopeful. The light lingers a little longer each afternoon, and the weather forecast tells us warmer weeks are just around the bend.

This month marks a full year since the first pandemic-induced lockdowns began in the United States, and I write to you on this dark anniversary in a spirit of gratitude. Parlor wouldn’t be here without the support and tireless efforts of so many people: our team, our family of coffee growers and supply chain partners—and of course you, our customers, who ultimately make all of this possible.

We at Parlor are deeply thankful for the work we get to do, but even more so for the fact that we’ve been able to keep doing it this past year without interruption. Our passion for this work inspires us and keeps us moving forward: passion for the art and science of brewing, for the excitement and adventure of traveling to meet the people who carefully cultivate harvests across the globe, and for the timeless enjoyment of a stellar cup of coffee.


After a year that has brought so much suffering for so many, we feel incredibly fortunate to have such a dedicated community of entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, baristas, and many others drinking and savoring our coffee, and in many cases relying on it to serve their own clientele each day. Seeing how hard this year has hit many of these establishments has made an indelible impression upon us. We’ve been amazed and inspired by the grit, determination, and innovation we’ve seen from our partners in many towns and cities across the continent, but also from our friends here in New York City. Amid seemingly constant changes to policy and protocol, we’ve watched restaurants reinvent themselves multiple times in the span of a few months. We’ve seen cafes close their doors due to outbreaks, only to reopen days later unbowed in their determination to serve their communities.

While we no doubt still have a challenging road ahead of us, my optimism for the future is sincere. I believe more than ever that people everywhere are longing for communion and connection, and I believe that a fine cup of coffee is the warm welcome they want when we can all venture out safely again.


Until then, keep safe and enjoy!