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Cold Brew on Tap
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Cold Brew on Tap

Café-quality, ready to drink

Seasonally sourced, expertly roasted, precisely brewed, and boxed up to take wherever you may need a pick-me-up. This delicious, refreshing cold brew boasts rich chocolate tones balanced by delicate vanilla and melon top notes. Simply pour over ice and enjoy.

96 fl.oz. (2840 ml). 12 servings per container.

Our tap boxes are available in packs of one, two, and four. Four-pack orders include a 5% discount.

Coffee Details

Kenya Baragwi,
Ethiopia Nansebo Refisa
150mg per serving
Shelf stable;
refrigerate after opening


Parlor Cold Brew

Freshly poured cold brew

Originally developed for New York City’s busiest and most discerning cafés, Parlor Cold Brew is sourced and roasted by our team with the same standards as any of our whole-bean offerings, then brewed and packaged with the utmost precision. Consider this simple to use, multi-serving tap box your one-stop (coffee) shop: a convenient cold brew option for the quality-conscious.

Carry out cold brew
Kenyan coffee trees

Since 2012, we’ve been dedicated to sourcing and roasting coffees with character. We tasted coffee from every partner we have around the globe specifically for our cold brew—and found a winning combination in coffees from Kenya and Ethiopia. Having sourced from these regions for nearly ten years, we’ve developed an intimate knowledge of local terroir, flavor profiles, and optimal buying practices for every player on the field. The result is a supremely drinkable, elegantly balanced cold brew you can feel good about drinking.

Cold brew ice Illustration

While we think the benefits of ready-to-drink cold brew are pretty obvious, here are some of our favorite ways to use Parlor Cold Brew on Tap: 

Pour straight from the built-in tap into your cup (or your mouth, we won’t judge).

Pop it in the fridge so you’re always ready for a fresh, chilled glass.

Keep a couple extra boxes in your pantry (it’s shelf-stable!) for that last-minute invitation to a backyard BBQ or park hang (be sure to pack your reusable tumblers!).

Be the hero of your office by showing up with a box to that afternoon meeting that always drags on too long. 

Parlor Cold Brew on Tap bench

You can enjoy a refreshing pour of café-quality cold brew all year long, right from a perfectly shareable source. Wherever you need an extra pick-me-up, our Cold Brew on Tap has you covered. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Parlor Cold Brew on Tap bench
Cold brew glass illustration