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With Parchment, we showcase interviews and articles that shed light on the nuanced supply chain behind your coffee and amplify voices you might not otherwise hear. Throughout our travels to source our coffees, photographer Rich Gilligan has been quietly at our side, helping document the subtle moments that complete the story. We invite you to pour yourself a cup and take a peek behind the scenes of Kenya’s unique supply chain in this short film.

To learn more about our partners in Kenya, scroll down for articles from Parchment Vol. 002, digitally archived here for your reading pleasure.

A film by Rich Gilligan

Kairima to Brooklyn

Thanks to:
Edit - @ronan_a_fox & @tinyark, Grade - @thisiscolm
Music - Mmoths, 'Heart,' SoundDesign - M-U Studio, and additional thanks to - @alexdelap @j__colleran @goldteethandco
Wycliffe Murwayi in the coffee field

In the Field with Wycliffe Murwayi

In December 2019, Parlor’s founders interviewed Sucastainability field agronomist and managing director Wycliffe Murwayi while driving across the coffee regions along the southern slopes of Mt. Kenya.

Building a structure in Kenya

Shocking the System

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Farmer's picking coffee cherries

Building Sustainable Relationships

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Portrait of Maria Bercelia in the coffee field

An Interview with Maria Bercelia Martínez

We are dedicating this first issue to telling the story of Colombian coffee producer Maria Bercelia. Our relationship with Maria, her family, and her farm, Finca Los Angeles, represents the ideal which we strive for in building every new partnership at origin.

Hand holding coffee cherries

The Potential of Partnership

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Jotagallo Machine

On Finca Los Angeles

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