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Our Story

Dillon on a coffee farm

Dillon Edwards had never visited New York when he moved here at age nineteen. Shipping out from Portland, Oregon, he landed in the center of the city’s nascent coffee scene and absorbed its budding energy. Two years later, in 2012, he founded Parlor Coffee with nothing but a single-group espresso machine and a dream to roast the city’s finest coffee.

Parlor’s first location was in the back of the Persons of Interest barbershop in Williamsburg. Baristas, chefs, and restaurateurs who stumbled across its neon sign quickly became regulars, and soon Dillon was supplying cafés, restaurants, and hotels throughout the city.

Roaster roasting coffee
Parlor popup coffee
Dillon and Tessa owners of Parlor

It wasn’t long before friends began to join Dillon in his pursuit. Tessa sat and stickered labels on the coffee bags she had designed. (After marrying their visions for a New York roastery, Tessa and Dillon married each other.) Warwick came by to check on the coffee bar counter he had built; when more hands were needed, he took over Parlor's delivery route and eventually took the helm of the vintage Probat roaster. His eye for precision remains key to our roasts. Fueled by a weekend espresso habit, AJ came by for endless sweeping discussions with Dillon; as common threads knit together, the two bonded over their shared hopes for the future of coffee.

Dillon and AJ owners of Parlor

Today, from our repurposed carriage house on the edge of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Parlor roasts coffee for shops and home brewers across the globe. We’ve built a team of well-rounded coffee professionals who share our vision and ambitions. On behalf of everyone who brews our coffee, we advocate for producers and pursue transparent relationships with our network of partners all along the supply chain—and we do it with the same spirit and commitment that drive our pursuit of consistency in roasting excellence.

Whether you’re a longtime subscriber or trying our coffee for the first time, we thank you for being part of our story.

Parlor Coffee Roasters
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