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Colombia Los Angeles
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Colombia Los Angeles

Butterscotch, peach, honey

For four years running, Parlor has sourced coffee from Maria Bercelia’s farm, Finca Los Angeles. Harvests are remarkably consistent due to the great effort she and her family devote to processing. This coffee is deeply sweet and possesses a unique combination of butterscotch and stone fruit flavors.

Coffee Details

1800 meters
Farm Name
Finca Los Angeles
Farm Size
13.5 hectares
Maria Bercelia Martínez
Colombia, Caturra
Harvest Period


Colombia Los Angeles

Maria in a coffee field

Maria’s dedication to quality has been clear as day since our first encounter. When we met, she expressed a desire to improve her cultivation technique and upgrade her farm’s processing facilities and practices. Maria hoped to find a buyer who shared her vision for mutual respect and long-term growth, and we’re proud to have become her partner.

Colombia Los Angeles coffee farm

Having full faith in the quality of her coffee, we’ve committed to purchasing every pound of it at a premium. Her work, which has earned her the admiration of the local farming community, speaks for itself—but it also inspired us to publish her story in 2019 as our first issue of Parchment.​

Illustration of Maria Bercelia Martinez

Our partnership with Maria, her family, and the workers at Finca Los Angeles represents the paragon we strive for in every direct producer relationship. Maria is living proof that pairing vision with consistent effort is a recipe for success.

hand holding a coffee plant
Maria sorting green coffee
Coffee cup illustration