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Making an AeroPress coffee

BREW TIME: Under 3 minutes

The versatile AeroPress highlights the delicate mouthfeel and balanced sweetness of our coffees. Double up on the paper filter: you’ll enjoy a cleaner extraction, trust us. During the process, you’ll create a brewing vacuum by securing the plunger just so, immediately after pouring water over the grounds. Our recipe brews a single cup in less than three minutes.

What you’ll need

1x AeroPress1x timer1x Aeropress funnel
2x AeroPress paper filters
1x digital gram scale
15g coffee (ground like fine sea salt, 12 setting on Virtuoso+)
1x carafe or mug
1x AeroPress stir stick or stirring utensil
350g boiling filtered water (100g for rinsing)


  • Place two stacked AeroPress paper filters in the filter cap. Assemble the AeroPress by securing the brewing chamber on the filter cap. Place the assembled AeroPress on top of the carafe or mug, leaving the plunger off and to the side..
  • Add 100g of water to rinse the paper filters. Discard the rinse water and place the Aeropress, cap side down, back on top of the carafe or mug.
  • Add the ground coffee into the AeroPress. Gently shake the AeroPress to settle the bed of ground coffee, then place it on the scale. *Pro tip: Use the AeroPress funnel when adding the coffee grounds.
  • Zero out the scale, start the timer, and pour 250g of water into the AeroPress.
  • Move the AeroPress and the carafe or mug off the scale and onto a flat surface.
  • Insert the plunger a quarter inch into the AeroPress.
  • After 90 seconds, remove the plunger and gently stir the brewing coffee three times in concentric circles. Avoid hitting the bottom of the chamber with the stirring utensil.
  • Reinsert the plunger. Keep the plunger base parallel to the AeroPress filter and push until you hear a hissing sound. Take it slow! We recommend a 45-second slow plunge. *Pro tip: For easy cleanup, invert the brewer, unscrew the cap, and plunge the grounds and filter into a compost bin.

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