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In the weeks after Dillon launched the original Parlor pop-up, the trickle of restaurateurs making their way into Parlor’s broom-closet “coffee bar” swelled to a steady stream. Conversations turned into consultations, and we quickly recognized the need for an industry leader focused on wholesale relationships. We poured our hearts into building a partnership program that champions the ambitions of like-minded baristas, chefs, and coffee operations both institutional and indie.

We’ve never looked back.

Today, Parlor Coffee is a team of professionals eager to share our diverse experience and industry insight. We are roasters, educators, and above all experts with an uncompromising taste for quality.

Our distinctive program is focused on elevating the standard for partnership between roaster and operator, striving together to advance the standard for excellent coffee from seed to cup.

Our wholesale partners are entrepreneurs in their own right. We join them in emphasizing sourcing and roasting consistency—all reflected in the final product.

Partnering with Parlor goes far beyond deciding to serve extraordinary coffee. We consult on design, build, and implementation. We tailor continual education and quality control to our partners’ ventures in order to ensure their long-term growth and success.

Because equipment sourcing and preventative maintenance are crucial, we work with a select network of leading coffee equipment manufacturers and technicians. Our range of recommended grinders, brewers, and machines is intentionally small and built on strict standards of dependability and output.

Whether your venture is in the final stages of buildout or merely the kernel of a vision, we can help you cross the finish line, all with an eye to building a sustainable business for the long run.

Whether you’re opening a corner shop or have a project of sizable scope and scale, we’re ready to help you nail down every aspect of the operation.

Whether you’re new to coffee or have decades of experience behind you, we’ll adapt our expertise to your specific needs.

Whether you’re an espresso traditionalist or on a crusade to reinvent the very idea of hospitality, we’re right there with you.

Send us a note. We’d love to start a conversation.