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Decaf Colombia Frontera de Acevedo
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Decaf Colombia Frontera de Acevedo

Molasses, cocoa, marzipan

Our history of collaboration with Acevedo’s farmers cements Parlor’s commitment to the region. This coffee is the same high-quality producer blend we offer under the same name, minus the caffeine. Thanks to a distinctive decaffeination process that employs local sugarcane, our decaf is structured and sweet.

Coffee Details

1400-1800 meters
Smallholder farmers
Colombia, Caturra
Coffee farmer in the field


Decaf Colombia Frontera de Acevedo

Acevedo is located at the convergence of Colombia’s central and eastern cordilleras, on the edge of a vast rainforest jungle that spans the Caquetá department. The Caquetá’s climate spreads a cooling blanket of cloud cover across the ridges of the eastern cordillera, lowering the region’s temperature at night. The swing between warm days and cooler nights, more typical of higher altitudes, creates the right climatic conditions for complex sugar maturation.

Coffee plant with cherries
Washing coffee cherries

We use ethyl acetate to decaffeinate a selection of the same coffees we source with Alejandro Renjifo for our regional blend, Frontera de Acevedo. This organic compound, derived from ethyl alcohol and acetic acid and present in fruits and wines, binds to the caffeine in coffee and is then washed away by a steam bath. Ethyl acetate decaffeination maintains a coffee’s natural sweetness so well that, cup in hand, you’ll barely be able to tell it’s decaf.

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