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Honduras El Pino
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Honduras El Pino

Cherry, milk chocolate, hibiscus

Nicolas Alvarado’s forty years of coffee farming experience, combined with pristine water piped from the rainforest above, ensures exceptionally processed coffees. Rich, rounded flavors of milk chocolate and hibiscus meld with a lingering cherry-toned sweetness in every sip of this season’s harvest.

Coffee Details

Santa Bárbara
Nicolas Alvarado
Farm Name
El Pino
Farm Size
4.25 hectares
1750 meters
Yellow and Red Pacas
Harvest Period
December - June


Honduras El Pino

Nicolas Alvarado on Finca El Pino

Virtually inaccessible most of the year due to rainfall and dirt roads, El Pino is tended by producer Nicolas Alvarado and his family without any hired help. Despite the challenging commute, their commitment to high-quality coffee is unwavering.

Nicolas Alvarado
Fog on the Santa Bárbara foothills

We’ve long loved Santa Bárbara coffees for their fruit-forward flavor profile, a pleasantly jarring experience compared to the mild, milk-chocolatey taste of most Central American offerings. The finest Santa Bárbara coffees are dense on the tongue, with saturated sugars, jammy textural tones, and tropical-fruit acidity. They’re for adventurous palates, though they provide structured sweetness anyone can appreciate.

Honoring this region, its producers, and the fruits of their labor by enjoying these coffees can support a community that’s faced many challenges, past and present. Among other things, Honduras struggles with overwhelming outmigration, frequent hurricanes, and a rapidly changing climate. But these coffees reflect the virtues of persistence and vision under difficult circumstances.

Traversing the hills of Santa Bárbara

We celebrate Nicolas and four other exceptional Santa Bárbara producers with the release of our latest issue of Parchment. We hope you’ll enjoy Volume 003, and these coffees, in good company.

Coffee cup illustration