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Honduras El Puente Gesha Varietal Lot
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Honduras El Puente Gesha Varietal Lot

Pomelo, hojicha, cantaloupe

We’re thrilled to present this unique and delectable treat for the holiday season. Moisés Herrera and Marysabel Caballero, the renowned husband-and-wife duo at Finca El Puente, have harvested Gesha trees to yield a remarkably complex, floral and citrus-forward coffee with melon and apricot sweetness and smooth, nutty green-tea undertones.

Coffee Details

Chinacla, La Paz
Marysabel Caballero and Moisés Herrera
Farm Name
Finca El Puente
Farm Size
10 hectares
1600 meters
Harvest Period
April 2023


Honduras El Puente

Gesha Varietal Lot

Marysabel Caballero_(c)Austin Park

We met Marysabel and Moisés last year after a trip to Santa Bárbara, and had the pleasure of hosting them at our roastery in Brooklyn just last month. Marysabel is a fourth-generation coffee farmer, Moisés a renaissance man who originally worked for a Guatemalan coffee exporter. In addition to operating a world-class specialty farming operation spanning over three dozen individual farms in the La Paz region, they run their own dry mill that processes all their coffees, affording them even greater oversight on the quality of their exports.

Coffee tree in bloom
Moisés and Marysabel_(c)Austin Park

Marysabel and Moisés first began growing Gesha-variety coffee at Finca El Puente in 2006. The popularity of this variety is attributed to its unique sweetness, ethereal floral notes, and tea-like finish; its notoriety comes from its fickleness, particular cultivation requirements, and low yields. This variety requires year-round attention, but when produced properly it’s unmatched in its elegance and complexity.

Between them, Marysabel and Moisés possess a wealth of knowledge and experience, not to mention enormous warmth and sincerity. Their unstoppable determination toward excellence, their willingness to experiment in order to drive the industry forward, and their genuine passion for specialty coffee cultivation make it our great honor to roast their washed Gesha harvest for you this season.

Coffee bags in the exporting warehouse
Coffee cup illustration