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Now Roasting Colombia El Carmen in Celebration of Indy Coffee Club’s Tenth Anniversary

Indy introduced Parlor to Texas’s specialty coffee scene. When we connected with Alex and Christine in 2014, we were struck by their ambition to offer the best coffee in the state from a single truck on the corner of Heubner and Vance in San Antonio. We quickly bonded over humble beginnings: the pictures they shared of their progress reminded us of those days when Dillon and his father built the centerpiece bar of Parlor’s Tasting Room, when Dillon would spend each day pulling shots on the barbershop Speedster.

Since then, Indy Coffee Club has grown from a truck to a beloved café with intentional space for community and connection. It supports local photographers, collaborates with independent ceramists, hosts local food popups, and slings some of the best merch in town. Just as you’d expect, the crew embraces every wanderer who crosses the threshold, welcoming them with an impeccably brewed cup of Parlor Coffee.

This evolving relationship has fundamentally influenced the philosophy behind Parlor’s wholesale program. It’s rare to work with folks who put so much care into their operations, even after ten years in the game. Conversations with them leave us motivated to continue along the path we’ve been forging since 2012.

“We love working with Parlor because of the people behind the company and their dedication to positively impacting everyone they’re involved with, from farmers all the way to cafés,” says Indy founder Alex Lee. “Parlor treats us like family. They’re committed to consistently high-quality yet accessible coffees, and we’re so proud to have them as our only coffee partner since we started our businesses.” 

It took many hands to bring this Pacamara lot from Finca El Carmen to Indy’s shelves, and there’s no one we’d rather have present it to you. Pacamara cherry was harvested by Jesucita Cuellar and processed by Daniel Erazo at nearby Finca Los Angeles, yielding a juicy brew with bright raspberry flavor—a celebration of collaboration from seed to cup. 

Dillon and Stephanie will join in Indy’s anniversary festivities in San Antonio, including a tasting of our special lot of Colombia El Carmen on May 18. We hope you’ll join us in raising a glass to these fine stewards of the specialty coffee industry.


Photos courtesy of JoMando Cruz and Indy Coffee Club.