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Refreshed Roasted Coffee Menu

We're very happy to announce the arrival of our refreshed 8-ounce packaging! No longer divided in terms of blends and single-origins, our packaging helps differentiate between our ongoing perennial offerings (in the colorful boxes) and our limited-release seasonal offerings (found in the copper-foil, natural brown boxes).

While all coffee is inherently seasonal, our perennial offerings consist of six coffees that we’re proud to be able to serve year-round: our blends, Wallabout and Prospect; our newly named decaffeinated selection, Ravine Decaf; and three relationship coffees that we can keep in ample supply: Colombia La Quebrada, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Chelbessa, and Guatemala Pulcal. We’re thrilled to be able to bring these coffees to you on an ongoing basis.

Our seasonal offerings menu reflects a rotating selection of single-origin coffees with smaller or more limited availability. This menu contains familiar names like Colombia Los Angeles, as well as new selections as we continue to develop new sourcing relationships. These coffees are often our premium offerings, featuring special varieties or unique flavor profiles.

This subtle shift is an exciting marker for our team, allowing us to double down on sourcing commitments in regions we’re deeply committed to while still being able to showcase new or limited offerings. We hope that our refreshed packaging helps you find even more high-quality coffees to love year-round and encourages you to savor the unique and ephemeral beauty that results from the agricultural process.